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America Needs Dr. Alan Keyes For President!

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Obama Hope, Soviet Propaganda Style!

Obama Hope,
Soviet Propaganda Style!

As I sit here watching Obama’s presidential inauguration, I cannot help but sink in to deep depression. I realize the cogs of “progress” are already turning in his very liberal agenda for our great nation. There is no doubt liberal Obama will move swiftly to reverse any progress made towards the conservative end of all the important issues facing our country and world. I’m not referring to financial issues, I’m talking about truly important issues such as religion, abortion, homosexuality and national defense (war on terrorism).

Based on Obama’s years in Congress, he has a lifetime average conservative rating of 7.67% from the ACU and a lifetime average liberal rating of 90% from the ADA. The ACLU has given him a 82% lifetime rating and NARAL Pro-Choice America consistently gave him a 100% pro-choice rating. Judging strictly by these numbers, Obama is even more liberal than America’s own SUPER LIBERAL — Hillary Rodham Clinton — now that’s truly frightening!

Dr. Alan Keyes, A Genuine Conservative!

Dr. Alan Keyes,
A Genuine Conservative!

Now contrast Obama with Dr. Alan Keyes. This genuine conservative is who we need serving as the president of our great nation. I would have felt so proud and honored to welcome America’s first African American President if only it were Dr. Alan Keyes. Instead, we are now stuck with liberal Obama for a minimum of four years.

Too many American’s vote with their pocketbooks instead of their hearts. Many voted for Obama because they felt he could help them financially. I know purported Christians who voted for Obama for this very reason and I can only assume they gave no thought to Obama’s very liberal agenda for religion, abortion and homosexuality issues. This liberal agenda will affect these issues in ways that directly contradict biblical teachings. In my opinion, anyone who voted for Obama is either not a genuine Christian or they were selfish and voted with their pocketbooks instead of their heart. I have seen the shame in their eyes while listening to deceiving excuses such as “I just didn’t vote” or “I skipped voting for president.”

Please research the below websites and watch the video to the right to learn more about Dr. Alan Keyes. If you are a genuine conservative, please consider joining America’s Independent Party.

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(America’s Independent Party National Committee)

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